Do What Matters, my second novel, was published November 1, 2016. Click here to purchase.



Teen brothers involved with bipolar disorder, prostitution, ancient spiritual practices and jazz are also popular, good students, good looking–and trying to Do What Matters:

     What if your good friend is killed in a car accident that breaks your arm and leg and seriously messes up your face?  What if, when you’ve finally recovered and are leading a big outdoor education program, you find your dad trying to get a drunken chaperone into her tent?

     What if a classmate gets drawn into prostitution and in trying to rescue her you get assaulted by her would-be pimp, injuring your hand and jeopardizing your jazz career?  What if your girlfriend, Elektra, a fragile dynamo whose family is still suffering from the death of Elektra’s younger sister several years earlier, has a bipolar “meltdown” and breaks up with you?

     Paul and Drew Emory, a senior and a junior in high school, have a lot to sort out.  They have to decide what matters, what’s the right thing to do, who they want to be.  They have big questions and tough situations to navigate through, even though their classmates think they’ve got it all – looks, smarts, talent and hot girlfriends.

Click here to read a selection from Do What Matters, a young adult novel of about 69,000 words.


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