Fiction about Love in Later Life

Welcome to my website.  My particular interest is in writing about people in the last third of their lives, though I have a young adult novel too.  I’ve created this website so that I can tell people about my writing and share ideas with visitors to the site – ideas about life, about your and my writing, and the business of writing.  Hover your cursor over the Books/Stories tab to find excerpts from the three novels I've published, as well as links for purchasing.

As you will see from the "About" page, I didn't start writing with a purpose in mind - it was about the joy of creativity.  But after a few months, I realized I had some things to say that others might find interesting and even helpful.  At the very least, I hope readers enjoy my characters and stories.

I recently found a very eloquent statement about writing.  Click here to read What We Leave Behind.   

I look forward to hearing from you.   E-mail me at